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How to stop your dog from chewing

We all know that dogs don’t come fully trained, but when they’ve just chewed up that new pair of shoes or the remote control it can still be very frustrating. Your dog doesn’t know what they should or shouldn’t chew on… so ultimately it all comes down to the right training and environment.   Why do dogs chew?   Initially, it’s important to know why dogs chew in the first place. There can be a number of factors - ranging from the age of the dog to the environment that they live in - but these are some of the most common reasons why dogs chew destructively:   Puppy teething: Dogs between the age of 3-7 months are going through the teething stage. Much like a baby, they seek relief by chewing on whatever they can find to soothe the pain. Chewing also allows the puppy’s teeth to fall out, making way for their adult teeth.   Adolescent teething: Between 7-12 months, dogs receive their adult teeth. These are harder and thicker, so cause a considerable about of discomfort. During this time dogs are prone to chewing, so it helps to have chews (not toys) around the house to help...

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