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About Us

Our Story

Destructive chewing is a problem for many dog owners. Some dogs like to chew on slippers; others prefer the sofa cushions… and then there are those that will chew just about anything, including their leads and beds. Chewing is natural, but excessive amounts can cause chaos around your home. After replacing one too many dog leads ourselves, we took matters into our own hands and created a heavy-duty lead that’s light, durable and chew-resistant. After seeing the success of our innovative product, our Tough Chew dog bed was born – a sealed waterproof bed loved by vets, kennels and dog trainers alike for its durability, flexibility and affordability.

Family Business

As a family-run business, we believe in quality products at reasonable prices.
Named after our beloved dog, Max, Maximum Pet Products was created to solve the issues associated with destructive chewing. Using the most innovative fabrics, materials and machinery at our factory in Yorkshire, we oversee all manufacturing to provide you and your pets with bespoke, high-quality products that are made to last.

Why Choose Between Quality and Quantity?

No fuss, no frills – we provide you and your furry family members with the highest level of customer service to match our unbeatable products. If you feel like you’ve tried and tested every ‘chew resistant’ product on the market without success, give us a chance to prove you wrong. Our prices are competitive on an international scale, no matter the order size. Whether you’re looking to fulfil industrial requirements or make a single purchase, our pet products are made in the same factory by the same team members with the same high-quality materials. Because we make everything in-house, we’re able to fulfil bespoke orders too. Order the size, colour and quantity you need and we’ll make it happen, every time.

Our Goals Are Simple…

  • To manufacture the highest quality products in the industry
  • To continually invest in new equipment, machinery and training
  • To meet our strict environmental policy to create a sustainable future

Did You Know…

  • We recycle at least 98% of our waste
  • Our products are made in the UK
  • We can create bespoke products to order